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About Coffee Hound Harrisonburg

Meet the Owner

Hailey is a Harrisonburg native who graduated from Spotswood High School and Blue Ridge Community College. Growing up, she didn't care for coffee, and in fact, she didn't truly begin to appreciate it (for something other than its ability to keep one awake) until she took on the position of store manager at Shenandoah Joe. There she acquired a taste for that magic, life-giving elixir.

For almost 3 years at Shenandoah Joe, she honed her skills as a barista and manager. In November of 2021, after a whirlwind of a year (really two years, but we won't talk about 2020) she purchased the shop where she worked from long-time owner and coffee lord, Dave Fafara.

And so she became a business owner at the ripe age of 25, busting in on the Harrisonburg coffee scene like a bat out of hell. With her trusty (but nervous) Italian Greyhound, Gatsby, by her side, she came up with the name Coffee Hound to mean both "someone who seeks out and enjoys good coffee" and "dog-friendly coffee shop".